Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice

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  • Henry's Wild Bites - 18 oz
  • Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Wild Bites - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice


Pet squirrels love the delicious peanut taste and wild squirrels appreciate the extra carbs and nutrients! These delicious, freshly-baked peanut blocks are available in an economical 18 oz. size - perfect for feeding wild squirrels or bulking up for pet squirrels. Wild Bites are vitamin-enriched supplements that contain the vital nutrients your squirrel needs to stay healthy and happy. Wild Bites are baked fresh daily with 100% natural, high-quality ingredients by people who care.

Henry’s Difference

Henry’s Blocks are the only natural supplement made especially for your squirrel’s diet with 100% of the vitamins and minerals they need to avoid common diseases like Metabolic Bone Disease and promote bone and organ health. Unlike other rodent/pet foods that are dry and flavorless, Henry’s Blocks are freshly baked daily with only 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, fillers, or artificial sweeteners.

Henry’s Blocks are a tasty and delicious way to give your squirrel the nutrition they need. Blocks are perishable and must be frozen upon arrival!

Feeding and Storage Guidelines: One bag contains enough Healthy Blocks to feed an average-sized adult squirrel for one month. Blocks contain no preservatives or fillers and must be kept frozen.

  • Adult Squirrels: Feed 2-3 blocks per day.
  • Flying Squirrels, Adolescent Squirrels, Rats, and Mice: Feed 1-1.5 blocks per day.
  • Blocks must be stored in a freezer to preserve freshness. Blocks can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months, but the blocks will begin to lose their flavor after the first 2 months. 
  • Ensure the bag is firmly resealed after each opening - exposure to air can lead to freezer burn. 
  • To serve blocks thawed, a few blocks can be pulled from the freezer and kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days at a time.

Perishable - Freeze Immediately Upon Arrival!

Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Peanuts, wheat flour, pecans, whey protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, whole eggs, sugar, cracked wheat, oat bran, tri-calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, lecithin, baking powder, phylloquinone (vitamin K), selenium, magnesium, cholcalciferol (vit D3), folic acid, iodine, iron, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, vit E, vit A, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin, vit B-6, thiamin, vit B-12, biotin.

Include Blocks with plenty of healthy vegetables, wild foods, and an occasional treat as part of a well-rounded diet. A balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio plus extra zinc and vitamin E help promote healing and immune function. For more information, see our Healthy Diet Guide.

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315 Reviews

  • 5
    My squirrel buddies

    Posted by Dave on 31st Dec 2022

    I'm so thankful to have a place like Henry's, where it's easy to buy exactly the food my Vern and Clyde need to keep them fed and they're most healthy. I only wish more people knew about this place so that every single squirrel were safe from malnutrition and the dreaded MBD. Thank you and God bless you all there at Henry's!

  • 5
    Henry’s Wild Bites

    Posted by Lisa on 27th Dec 2022

    I have been ordering food for my rodent from Henry’s since he came into our home from milk supplements/supplies to his adult food. All of my interactions and products have been awesome. My rodent is quite healthy and has had no issues at all.

  • 5
    Great blocks

    Posted by Rich on 17th Dec 2022

    Wonderful product, squirrels love them, great Ca:Ph ratio, shipping is super fast and packed well. Great company.

  • 5
    Henry’s Healthy Blocks

    Posted by Lisa on 12th Dec 2022

    Henry’s blocks are a daily, trusted staple around here and the squirrels absolutely love them! Always fresh, nutritionally balanced, and always high quality! We don’t know what we would do without you guys. Thank you for your awesome customer service as well!

  • 5
    Wild Bites, hazelnut blocks, healthy blocks

    Posted by MICHAEL G PARKER on 21st Nov 2022

    Flying squirrel had MBD two years ago, used calcium carbonate as directed and have kept the flyer on a mix of hazelnut blocks, healthy blocks, and wild bites. Flyer is doing great for two years now.

  • 5
    They seek it out.

    Posted by Katelyn Crews on 9th Nov 2022

    I offer these biscuits to my rehab squirrels each time I give fresh fruit and veggies, and they seek out the biscuits first every single time.

  • 5
    Wild Bites

    Posted by Shirley on 2nd Nov 2022

    Came fast & fresh. Squirrels love them’

  • 5
    Wild Bites for the WIN

    Posted by Jennifer on 2nd Nov 2022

    My babies and wilds love their Wild Bites! They get one in the morning and one in the late afternoon, giving them their needed nutrients for the day (along with their approved veggie buffet). I’ve raised and released many healthy orphans and love that the wilds are getting the additional nutrients. I especially love that a nursing mama comes for her “treats” daily and chooses the Wild Bites over the seeds and nuts. Also, I always get my deliveries when expected and love that I receive notifications so I know exactly when to expect them. Thanks Henry’s!!!

  • 5
    Rehab squirrel loves these

    Posted by Marty on 7th Oct 2022

    Giving two a day to a young squirrel we rescued and he loves them.

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