Healthy Blocks - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice

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  • Original Adult Formula blocks
  • Original Adult Formula blocks
  • Original Adult Formula blocks label
  • Healthy Blocks - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Healthy Blocks - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice
  • Healthy Blocks - Food for Squirrels, Flyers, Rats and Mice


Healthy Blocks are Henry’s original formula and made with premium-quality, 100% natural Georgia pecans for a rich and tasty flavor. Healthy Blocks are vitamin-enriched supplements that contain the vital nutrients your squirrel needs to stay healthy and happy. Healthy Blocks are baked fresh daily with 100% natural, high-quality ingredients by people who care.

Henry’s Difference

Henry’s Blocks are the only natural supplement made especially for your squirrel’s diet with 100% of the vitamins and minerals they need to avoid common diseases like Metabolic Bone Disease and promote bone and organ health. Unlike other rodent/pet foods that are dry and flavorless, Henry’s Blocks are freshly baked daily with only 100% natural ingredients and no preservatives, fillers, or artificial sweeteners.

Henry’s Blocks are a tasty and delicious way to give your squirrel the nutrition they need. Blocks are perishable and must be frozen upon arrival!

Feeding and Storage Guidelines: One bag contains enough Healthy Blocks to feed an average-sized adult squirrel for one month. Blocks contain no preservatives or fillers and must be kept frozen.

  • Adult Squirrels: Feed 2-3 blocks per day.
  • Flying Squirrels, Adolescent Squirrels, Rats, and Mice: Feed 1-1.5 blocks per day.
  • Blocks must be stored in a freezer to preserve freshness. Blocks can be kept in the freezer for up to 6 months, but the blocks will begin to lose their flavor after the first 2 months. 
  • Ensure the bag is firmly resealed after each opening - exposure to air can lead to freezer burn. 
  • To serve blocks thawed, a few blocks can be pulled from the freezer and kept in the refrigerator for a couple of days at a time.

Perishable - Freeze Immediately Upon Arrival!

Made in the USA.

Ingredients: Pecans, whey protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, cracked wheat, wheat flour, oat bran, dried whole eggs, tri-calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, lecithin, potassium chloride, baking powder, phylloquinone (vitamin K), selenium, magnesium oxide, cholcalciferol (vitamin D3), folic acid, iodine, ferrous sulfate (iron), zinc, copper glycinate chelate, molybdenum, manganese, d-alpha tocopheryl succinate (vitamin E), vitamin A (50% beta-carotene), pantothenic acid, niacin (vitamin B-3), riboflavin (vitamin B-2), pyroxidine hydrochloride (vitamin B-6), thiamin (vitamin B-1), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B-12), biotin.

Include Blocks with plenty of healthy vegetables, wild foods, and an occasional treat as part of a well-rounded diet. A balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio plus extra zinc and vitamin E help promote healing and immune function. For more information, see our Healthy Diet Guide.

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539 Reviews

  • 5
    Henry’s Healthy Blocks

    Posted by April Baty on 29th Feb 2024

    As usual Henry’s Healthy blocks are absolutely amazing. At least if my squirrel could talk that’s what he would say!! Wonderful product. All natural. Affordable. What else could a squirrel ask for?

  • 5
    Henry blocks

    Posted by Donald Archer on 28th Feb 2024

    The blocks work great my squirrel enjoys them it gives him some of the nutrients he needs to survive as an non-release animal!

  • 2
    Poor quality

    Posted by Cindy Greene on 22nd Feb 2024

    Yes, I have ordered these for awhile and this bag was a lot lighter in color and just seemed different. My squirrel does not like them like she did the others before.

  • 5
    Squirrels love this!!

    Posted by Angela Spencer on 16th Feb 2024

    Perfect nutrition and my backyard rehabbed squirrels come every morning for it! I am very please with the quality and the expediency which they send it. Thank you again!! Need a monthly auto subscription ?

  • 4
    Gus likes them so much that he even gets aggressive over them.

    Posted by Larry D on 8th Feb 2024

    Blocks came in approximately 4 business days on each order so far. Gus (Grey Tree Squirrel) starting eating them on day 1. From there, they became his main diet and definitely one of his favorite things to eat. Lots of fruits, veggies and nuts to fill

  • 5
    Necessary staple

    Posted by MacKenzie on 8th Feb 2024

    Our squirrel absolutely loves her blocks. I make sure we never run out and have a constant supply. These blocks have made for one happy squirrel!

  • 5
    healthy blocks

    Posted by Heather on 3rd Feb 2024

    A great product. I Squirrel loves it. It has saved me considerable time on getting the vitamins and calcium he needs because it's a one stop block so you don't have to worry about you're giving the right amount.

  • 5
    The "BEST" Squirrel blocks. 5 STAR

    Posted by Cheryl Tindall on 29th Jan 2024

    Thank you all for your Squirrel blocks

  • 5
    Henry’s healthy blocks

    Posted by April Baty on 23rd Jan 2024

    My squirrel would not eat any kind of rodent blocks until I found Henry’s healthy blocks. He is now starting to eat better. I would recommend these to blocks for anyone who has a squirrel.

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