6. Is Your Baby Squirrel Healthy?


The photos below will help you determine how old the baby squirrel is and whether he is in good shape. Eastern Grey squirrels generally have brownish/grayish fur and white belly fur; fox squirrels generally have tan or orange belly fur; red squirrels have a dark line down their sides where the belly fur meets the back fur; flying squirrels have a long flap of loose skin that they use to glide.

Newborn: Mostly pink, no eye slits visible, ears sealed flat to the head

Healthy1 Bloat1wk


1-2 Weeks: Dark color on head and back, eye slits visible, ears coming away from head

Healthy2wk DehydEmac2wk


3 weeks: Short fur everywhere except on belly

healthy3-4wks DehydEmac3wk


4 weeks: Thicker fur, eyes almost ready to open, lower teeth emerging

Healthy4wk Emac4wk


5 weeks: Fully furred including belly, eyes open, upper teeth emerging

Healthy5wk Emac5wk

If Your Baby Squirrel Seems Thin or Weak...

Go back to the ABC's:

  • Is he warm?
  • Is he hydrated?
  • Is he being fed properly? (not too much or too little; not too often or too infrequently)

Then address those issues in that order!

You can call us at 203-214-7427 or go to The Squirrel Board for help. The baby squirrel's life may depend on it.

Note: With immediate and intensive treatment, all of the sick babies in these pictures survived and were released.