DIA-STAT for Diarrhea

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  • DIA-STAT for Diarrhea
  • DIA-STAT for Diarrhea


Fox Valley Dia-Stat helps normalize stool consistency. Made from high-quality ingredients, Dia-Stat treats diarrhea by providing energy and electrolytes rapidly to the animal to help restore lost fluids. Can be used for all orphaned mammals. Net wt. 200 grams.

Fox Valley Formulas

Henry’s is proud to partner with Fox Valley Animal Nutrition, a leading manufacturer of formula milk for endangered and orphaned animals. Fox Valley uses only high-quality human-grade ingredients to create milk replacers that closely match the specific composition of the mother’s milk in order to assure proper nutrition and growth.

Mixing and Feeding Guidelines: Shake 1 teaspoon into 3 ounces of warm (100F) water. NOTE: Only mix Dia-Stat with water, never combine with milk or milk replacers. For oral use only.

Dia-Stat is advised to be used as a complete meal for 2 feedings. The use of Dia-Stat in combination with antibiotics is NOT recommended. 

Feed soon after mixing as the liquid will thicken upon setting. Start feeding as soon as possible after indications that the animal needs supplemental energy and electrolytes.

As the main source of food: Feed Dia-Stat to provide 40-50mL of solution per kg of bodyweight daily, divided into several feedings. Feed no more than one day in a row when feeding as the sole source of nutrients. Additional water or electrolyte solution may be fed as well.

Alternating with milk formula: Feed Dia-Stat at every other feeding (instead of milk formula). Feed the Dia-Stat solution at the same rate as the milk formula. Additional water or electrolyte solution may be fed as well. For oral use only.

Made in the USA.

Guaranteed Analysis:


Min. 4.2%


Min. 0.3%


Min. 0.1%


Max. 0.5%


Min. 40%

Ingredients: Dextrose, pregelatinized rice flour, coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, glycine, sodium citrate, guar gum, calcium chloride, natural flavoring, corn syrup solids, potassium caseinate, dipotassium phosphate, mono and diglycerides, postassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, carrageenan, Dried lactobascillus acidophilus fermentation product, calcium silicate, beta glucan.

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7 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Brandy on 10th Aug 2022

    I foster Kittens for our local Humane Society and this is must for bottle feeding kittens. It's the only thing I found that is helpful for digestive issues where the kitten are either constipated or have diarrhea.

  • 5

    Posted by Rebecca on 26th Aug 2020

    It took 5 days to get my parvo kittens to have regular poop and all of my other litters no more then 2. Definitely saved their lives and worked way quicker then anything else I've used.

  • 5
    Dia-Stat Stool Consistency Normalizer

    Posted by ALWAYS Companion Animal Rescue on 26th Nov 2019

    This is one of the important factors in my having successfully nursed some of our kittens through panleukopenia. Thank you for such a life saving supplement.

  • 5
    Dia Stat

    Posted by Laurie O'Connell on 4th Nov 2019

    Lifesaving help for my bottle-baby feral kittens with coccidia! Formula alone made them worse, but alternating it with Dia Stat helped quite a bit, and they're all doing well now. Thanks, Henry's (and Lee)!

  • 5
    FV Dia-Stat

    Posted by Xine Bouthillier on 17th Oct 2019

    This stuff is pure gold! When I have to use this, it clears up the issue quite quickly!

  • 5
    Smells good

    Posted by Emily on 19th Jun 2017

    I have used this minimally because it works well. And it smells good too. The older kittens (5-9wks) that have had runny stools gladly lap this up.

  • 5
    I love the Product I love the customer support from Fox Vally (the maker)

    Posted by Janeen Blackford on 3rd Jul 2015

    Henry's has some of the best products they have great customer service and a super knowledgeable website. I highly recommend them to beginners as well as people who always need to learn new things and remember the good old basics.

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