Baby Squirrel Kit

  • Baby Kit B + Heating Pad + Cozy Pocket
  • Baby Kit A + Heating Pad + Cozy Pocket
  • Baby Kit A
  • Baby Kit A + Cozy Pocket
  • Baby Kit A + Heating Pad
  • Baby Kit B
  • Baby Kit B + Cozy Pocket
  • Baby Kit B + Heating Pad
₨9,110.18 - ₨21,277.37


Henry’s exclusive kits have everything you need to raise a baby squirrel!

Basic Baby Kit A (birth to 3 weeks old):

Basic Baby Kit B (4 weeks old to weaning):

Optional Items:

  • No-Auto-Shutoff Heating Pad - essential for providing consistent warmth; if you don’t already have one, you need one! 
  • Cozy Pocket - Cozy fleece bag keeps babies warm and secure; turns into a hanging nest with hidden Velcro tabs when babies are ready for a big cage.

If you have just found a baby squirrel, please review the online version of our Baby Squirrel Care Guide. You can call 540-745-3334 or 203-214-7427 to speak to a rehabber if you have questions or go to The Squirrel Board for advice and information.

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