Purple Possum Feeding Tubes

$14.95 - $15.95


Carefully designed by an experienced wildlife rehabber, these are some of the smallest feeding tubes available. The feeding tubes are manufactured in a FDA- and ISO-certified facility that produces human-grade feeding tubes which are durable, easy to use, and EO gas sterilized.

These rehabber-approved feeding tubes are designed to connect to Luer-Lock syringes and feature a secure connector to prevent leaks. The feeding tubes have a single lumen to minimize the risk of fluid aspiration. All tubes arrive ready to use and sterilized. No washing needed before first use. 


  • Clear tube to monitor flow.
  • Tube clip to safely stop formula flow for leak-free removal.
  • Human-grade; intended for animal use only.

Note: Purple Possum Feeding Tubes only connect to Luer-Lock syringes - available here!


1.8 Fr - The smallest feeding tubes available for rehabilitating small orphaned species such as possums, squirrels, and more. Ideal for joey pinkies as small as 1 gram.

  • Only use very diluted formula with the 1.8 Fr tubes. They are just a few dozen microns wide inside. Thicker formula will ruin the tube. Purple Possum recommends straining formula through a paper coffee filter before using the 1.8 Fr to prevent clogs.

2.8 Fr - This medium size is appropriate for all fuzzy pinkies 25 grams and up! This tube will feed most orphaned wildlife that require tube feeding. 

3.5 Fr - The perfect size for larger, furred babies, including newborn puppies and kittens, and other babies with larger windpipes. 

Care Tips & Tricks

After using, wash the tube in hot water. Fill a syringe directly with hot, soapy water, then attach the tube and push water through the tube. Repeat with plain hot water and rinse until the water runs clear through the tube.

Always push clean hot water through the tube immediately after using and use clean warm water to flush the tube between different babies. 

Never allow a tube to dry with formula inside or the tube will likely need to be replaced.

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