Honeycomb Hammock

  • Small Honeycomb Hammock
  • Large Honeycomb Hammock
$32.95 - $39.95


Your pet will enjoy playing and napping in our cozy fleece Honeycomb Hammock. The Honeycomb Hammock contains multiple levels with lots of little hideout holes and a flat hammock roof. Hangs from four sturdy, reinforced tabs with hooks to clip onto the cage bars. Honeycomb Hammocks are double-lined with quality, pet-safe fleece that is soft and warm. Available in two sizes.

Guaranteed safe for your pet and handmade in the USA from only the finest, nontoxic materials with no foam or urethanes. Completely washable/dryable.


  • Dimensions: 
    • Small (3 levels): 13” W x 7.5” T
    • Large (4 levels): 16” W x 12” T
  • Bright nickel hardware
  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Lots of little hideout pockets
  • Perfect for squirrels, flying squirrels, ferrets, sugar gliders, etc.

Handmade with love; may have slight variations in dimensions and fabrics.

Made in the USA.

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