Honeycomb Hammock

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  • Small Honeycomb Hammock
  • Large Honeycomb Hammock
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Your pet will enjoy playing and napping in our cozy fleece Honeycomb Hammock. The Honeycomb Hammock contains multiple levels with lots of little hideout holes and a flat hammock roof. Hangs from four sturdy, reinforced tabs with hooks to clip onto the cage bars. Honeycomb Hammocks are double-lined with quality, pet-safe fleece that is soft and warm. Available in two sizes.

Guaranteed safe for your pet and handmade in the USA from only the finest, nontoxic materials with no foam or urethanes. Completely washable/dryable.


  • Dimensions: 
    • Small (3 levels): 13” W x 7.5” T
    • Large (4 levels): 16” W x 12” T
  • Bright nickel hardware
  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Lots of little hideout pockets
  • Perfect for squirrels, flying squirrels, ferrets, sugar gliders, etc.

Handmade with love; may have slight variations in dimensions and fabrics.

Made in the USA.

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8 Reviews

  • 5
    cozy hammock

    Posted by Cherie Perez on 4th Jan 2024

    My foster boy squirrel is loving this hammock in his larger outdoor cage. He uses the top to have a snack or two and the other 2 levels to hang out or nap.

  • 5

    Posted by Ben on 26th Mar 2023

    I have owned several of these over the past few years and even tried some knockoffs when these weren’t available.
    Hands down the best on the market! I have washed (and dried) mine several times and they are in an outdoor habitat in the elements. They hold up great and my baby absolutely loves it ?

  • 5
    High quality!!!

    Posted by Thomasinea Dutcher on 12th Jun 2021

    Would recommend!!!❤️

  • 5
    I was worried he wouldn't like it

    Posted by Michelle Skiles on 11th Sep 2020

    I was so relieved when I put it in his 6ft by 8ft by 6 ft enclosure he wouldn't use it. It only took him 5 min. And he was lounging on it. He already has lots of choices. Now I see him on it a lot. Happy squirrel he is.

  • 5
    Large Honeycomb hammock

    Posted by Kat on 4th Oct 2019

    My squirrel loves this thing! She uses nearly every story. She can peek out from many angles.

  • 5
    Very cleverly designed and beautifully made. Bigger than expected.

    Posted by Rod on 20th Dec 2018

    We bought the large Honeycomb Hammock for our two flying squirrels. When it arrived yesterday, we were surprised how big it was. The product description says 16" wide, 12" tall, but it's more like the other way around. The height of the hammock is about 14" without the straps, and it hangs down from the top of the cage a little over 19" total with the straps included. The width is about 12". The cage we have for them is large (32" W x 18" D x 53" H) so the large size is fine, but those with smaller cages may want to go with the Small Honeycomb Hammock.
    As to the Honeycomb Hammock itself, it is very cleverly designed and beautifully made. Our squirrels wake up and come out of their house around 8:30 pm, and they make a beeline for their wheels, which they prefer even to their food when they first wake up. They run on their wheels at least an hour, so we did not get to see them play in the hammock last night. This morning, though, I found that they had found and eaten all the acorns I had hidden in the different levels, so I know that they explored the hammock. We look forward to seeing them climbing through it and exploring all the levels and hidey holes. We are very pleased with our purchase.

  • 5
    Great Buy!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Nov 2018

    My squirrel LOVES the honeycomb! It was a pleasant surprise when I saw how large it was. Very happy with my purchase and the quality. She sleeps in the bottom and stores nuts in the middle. :)

  • 5
    Ricochet loves it ❤️

    Posted by Gayle Pickens on 28th Sep 2018

    I have a 3 legged squirrel that absolutely loves this. He uses it to sleep in and play in.

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