Capstar 11.4 mg Tablets - Kills Fleas and Maggots

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CAPSTAR 11.4 mg Tablets

Kills maggots and maggot eggs on wildlife. Can be used internally and externally. Crush 1/4 tablet, dissolve in 1 ml water, and give orally by syringe once a day for two days. In addition, you can crush 1/2 tablet in 2 ml water and apply externally anywhere maggots/eggs are visible, especially ears, nose, eyes, or anus.

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1 Review

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    Seems to have worked well so far

    Posted by Kira on 25th Aug 2020

    So I have a 4 month old squirrel and a cat that I tried this on. I gave my squirrel Icarus 1/4 a tablet in apple sauce, and my cat 1 tablet in his wet food, they both ate it up with no fuss, and while it's harder to see fleas dead or alive on a hyper active squirrel, she was much more playful the following day and hasn't scratched at all in front of me, just regular grooming, basically she seems a lot more comfortable. And the cat, gave it too him in the morning before work, and by the evening, his fur was already nicer and dryer because he wasn't scratching himself to ribbons, and I found dead fleas on the floor, around where he sits, so it definitely kills fleas.

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