MBD Treatment Kit - for Calcium Deficiency in Squirrels

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  • MBD Kit includes Picky Blocks, Calcium, and a 3 ml syringe
  • Calcium label
  • Picky Blocks
  • 3 ml syringe
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IMPORTANT: If your squirrel is showing any symptoms of MBD, you must begin calcium treatment immediately, even before your MBD kit arrives. Use Tums according to the Emergency Treatment for MBD, which you can find here:


Our MBD kit includes everything you need to treat metabolic bone disease (MBD), a calcium deficiency that is common in pet squirrels and flyers who have not been eating blocks as part of their diet:

  • Henry's Healthy Blocks-Picky Formula (our tastiest formula, to make it easier to get your squirrel eating a Healthy Diet)
  • Pure calcium carbonate powder (100 g) for dosing the extra calcium needed.
  • 1 3cc syringe for dosing calcium orally.
  • Instructions for treating MBD and for changing the diet.


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29 Reviews

  • 5
    Great, saved a life.

    Posted by Chelsea on 7th Mar 2016

    My pet squirrel Ziggs came down with the beginning signs of MBD nearly over night. I followed directions to the T, and started her on tums, and then followed shortly after with this bundle, she's been happy and healthy ever since, and well into her recovery. We will be repurchasing the picky eater blocks again, though I will say she is slightly food aggressive over them, but as long as she's healthy, I'm happy.

    It was with in 3 days she was completely back to normal, DO NOT SKIP THEIR INSTRUCTION TO START THEM ON TUMS, IT IS A LIFE SAVER.

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    gods to squirrels

    Posted by katina on 3rd Feb 2016

    I had called and order the blocks and calcium for my sky. she had a seizure a few moths ago. and from all the help I got from the lady that runs this henry's and the squirrel board help save my baby girl sky. she is 100% better now. can't thank y'all enough. thanks katina

  • 5
    Wonderful Life Saver!!

    Posted by Candace on 10th Dec 2015

    This product saved our squirrel, Chip. At first we had no clue what was wrong with him. He was laying around and didn't want to be touched but he would still eat and drink. We thought maybe he had hurt himself or maybe had a tummy ache. My bf gave him a tums one day and soon after Chip seemed better, we thought he would be ok. But the next morning he was back to laying around. I started thinking something more serious was wrong so I started reading online about squirrel illnesses. I realized he could have a vitamin deficiency. So when I saw this product and read the reviews I knew I had to order it. By this time Chip had stopped eating and I didn't know how much time I had left. What really surprised me was when I read that tums is used to help with this disease, everything started to make sense. I wanted to say a huge thank you for this product that saved Chip!! He loves the blocks and we had no problem getting him to eat them. He is back to himself now and we are happy!!Also, thank you for calling and showing your concern for him, it meant a lot!!!

  • 5
    A Miracle Cure

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2015

    I cannot THANK YOU enough. Your product saved my little girl's life. She has improved so much in such a short time.I recommend your kit and diet to all!

  • 5
    Love this Product

    Posted by Sherry on 10th Aug 2015

    Pippi couldn't stand up. She would just lay there listless and limp. I didn't think she would make it. You could see in her eyes that she was in so much pain. I ordered this product and put in the calcium and protein into Gerber baby food (bananas). (She still wasn't up to eating yet). Within a few days, she was alert and within a week, she is running all over the place. She eats her brownies like a champ. Her brother, we didn't realize, apparently had a touch of MBD (we just thought he was grumpy). We gave him a little of the banana mixture and his mood improved. When you hand him his brownie in the morning he grabs it and savors it. He is so funny because he really does look like he loves it. They are both active and alert. I am so thankful to find this product. I know it saved her life.

  • 5

    Posted by TammyK757 on 7th Aug 2015

    We lost our 5 year old Buggar to MBD; we did not know this product was available and did not know nuts can hurt squirrels. We spoiled ours with unlimited supplies. They also ate wild items along with a variety of fruit & veggies (didn't know some of them were bad for them). Ignorance is deadly. I searched pet stores for vitamins with calcium for small animals; I bought calcium blocks, cuttle bones, and blocks for rats/mice. They wouldn't touch them. Buggar's sister, Sugar, started having small seizures the day before Buggar died. We went on the internet, and Henry's Healthy Blocks came up immediately. We ordered the kit and followed the diet recommendations 100%. Sugar responded slowly for 3 days and was back to her 100% healthy full-of-energy self within 5 days. It is amazing what this kit did for our Sugar. We are so sorry we didn't know about it for Buggar. We are totally sold on these blocks, the vitamins, and the calcium; Sugar LOVES the blocks for picky eaters. We are VERY THANKFUL to have Sugar back; it has been 2 weeks since we started her on the kit. She had a sore that healed after receiving the vitamins, calcium, and blocks, and her fur is back to a shiny, beautiful color. She is a beautiful healthy grey squirrel. Thank you Henry's; we'll be a regular customer for your blocks & calcium. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS KIT and recommend everyone follows the recommended diet.

  • 5
    Awesomely amazing product

    Posted by Tammy Birdsall on 30th Apr 2015

    My lil flyer Zoey is doing fantastic! Thanks to this product and owner Leigh's personal help in assisting me! I was amazed with the kindness and knowledge Leigh gave me and I am so very thankful to her help! Zoeys MBD is getting better and better every day! Leigh went above and beyond to aid me! She really cares! I recommend this product for MBD any day!

  • 5
    Amazing help for a suffering little squirrel

    Posted by Ginger Holt on 27th Nov 2014

    The owners of Henry's are not just about filling a much needed niche market, they are about love and care!! Leigh has been a source of much knowledge and help in assisting the nutritional needs of my senior adult squirrel, Squishy.
    Squishy was suffering from MBD, a condition that even elderly (he's a nine year old Katrina rescue) squirrels can acquire. This little boy was I'm sure only a few days from death.
    Leigh's personal involvement and instructions and care were utterly invaluable to me. Who cares about one little suffering squirrel and his distraught family?? Leigh does!!
    Order with confidence and know help is close at hand <3

  • 5
    Life Saver

    Posted by Tasha on 17th Jun 2014

    This product saved my Harley's life!!! He is growing stronger each day, up and on the go back to his sweet speedy self. Can't thank you guys enough for all your help in healing Harley! I recommend this product to anyone who has a squirrel suffering from MBD.

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